SAMMI Spotify Authentication (part1)

  1. Log into a developer account on Spotify: This must be the same account you're using to play your Spotify music.
  2. Go to your Dashboard and click on Create an App button. .

  3. Fill out the necessary fields as you see fit and press create. For example:

  4. You should now see your created application. (If not, go to Dashboard and click on your application name).

  5. Press Users and Access button in the settings. Click on Add New User and fill out your name and Spotify email address. Press Add.

  6. Click on Edit Settings
  7. Copy and paste this: into Redirect URIs field and click on Add. Scroll down and do not forget to click on Save.

    You can refresh you page and check if it properly saved, otherwise the next step is not going to work.

  8. Click on Show Client Secret.

    Copy both your Client ID and Client Secret, paste them below and click on Authenticate. This might take a few seconds to load. You will be then prompted to authenticate your own app you just created.

    Client ID: Client Secret: